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50% off selected Still Spirits

Flavours & Liqueurs


 WERE $8.95   NOW $4.50


For 4 days only, commencing 8:30am Wednesday 15th June, we are clearing selected Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur (35 flavours to choose from).  Only those listed below, and whilst stocks last. Must end in-store 4pm Saturday 18th June 2016, and on-line midnight Sunday 19th June.

Tired of mixing those messy powdered bases, be sure to try the Essencia EziBase Cream Liqueur Liquid Base & Essencia EziBase Liqueur and Schnapps Liquid Base.

  • Top Shelf Butterscotch Cream 
  • Top Shelf Cappucino
  • Top Shelf Caranilla (A blend of vanilla & sweet caramel)
  • Top Shelf Chocolate Cream (Super rich double choc shot)
  • Top Shelf Chocolate Mint Cream (A blend of Irish Whiskey, cream & hint of mint
  • Top Shelf Marula (Marula berries found only in Southern latitudes of Africa)
  • Top Shelf Absinthe
  • Top Shelf Summer Cup (PIMM'S)
  • Top Shelf Amaretto (Sweet rich Italian almond liqueur)
  • Top Shelf Apricot Brandy
  • Top Shelf Blue Curacao
  • Top Shelf Cherry Brandy
  • Top Shelf Chocolate Mint (Vandermint)
  • Top Shelf Coffee Maria (Similar to Tia Maria)
  • Top Shelf Creme De Cacao (Sweet, dark brown liqueur with a rich cocoa and vanilla flavour)
  • Top Shelf Creme de Menthe (Green liqueur with a clean, refreshing, peppermint flavour
  • Top Shelf Dictine (Similar to Benedictine)
  • Top Shelf Dry Vermouth
  • Top Shelf Grande Paris (Parisian liqueur made from Cognac and tropical oranges from the Caribbean)
  • Top Shelf Hazelnut
  • Top Shelf Macadamia
  • Top Shelf Orange Brandy
  • Top Shelf Parfait Armour (A popular, sweet, purple, fragrant liqueur)
  • Top Shelf Red Sambuca
  • Top Shelf Reverdine (An elixir of 27 herbs and spices)
  • Top Shelf Skybuie (Drambuie)
  • Top Shelf Swiss Chocolate Almond
  • Top Shelf German Herbal Liqueur (Jaigermeister)
  • Top Shelf Italiano (Galiano)
  • Top Shelf Banana Schnapps
  • Top Shelf Blackberry Schnapps
  • Top Shelf Feijoa
  • Top Shelf Hot Cinnamon Schnapps
  • Top Shelf Candy Shots (Sweet confectionery flavour)
  • Top Shelf Pineapple Schnapps


JOONDALUP: 18/7 Delage Street   P: 9300 2610
OSBORNE PARK: 3/100 Frobisher Street   P: 9444 0468

Trading Hours
Monday - Friday    8:30 - 5:30
Saturday 8:30 - 4:00




17 awesome All Grain Recipes based on classic recipes with some contemporary twists utilizing the latest in hop combinations. As the names would suggest we have used Iconic Western Australian names and locations  where possible (Very hard to find a German reference in WA). These 'All Grain Kits' have been designed as a turn key kit (22-23L final volume) which includes: Grain Bill, Whirfloc tablet, individually packed hop additions, quality Fermentis Safale yeast and a full data sheet to a make your perfect brew and record your brew efficiency. These All Grain kits are ideal for the experienced and novice alike . Grains come uncracked to keep their integrity, so they are ideal to be posted to your Door Step Australia wide. If you would like your grain cracked please just let us know. Please enjoy these brews as much as we have tasting and putting them together. Prices start at just $39.95.  PS. Watch this space for more to come.

ACDC HELLES BELLES LAGER: A Sensationally sparkling straw coloured Blonde Beer, But don’t be fooled like the band it packs a punch. Perfect for washing down a fisherman’s basket down by the wharf.  ABV 5%

AUGUSTA 5 MALT AMBER ALE: Having a well balanced malt backbone, beautiful copper like hue with a light caramel flavour, complemented with aromatic  hints of citrus. Great to wash down an Angus t-bone at the evening BBQ.  ABV 4.54%

AUSSIE FRONT BAR ALE: Great Session Beer for all, utilising the freshness of Cascade with the traditional pride of Ringwood hops this Ale can be brewed all year round and would be one you would love to have on tap at home so you and your mates could pluck one off the wood. ABV 4.8%

BUNBURY HOP STEP & TRIPPEL: A magnificent Belgium beer designed to savour rather than skull. A strong and complex beer with a spicy clove like aromas enhanced by the use of Belgium candy sugar. With a high ABV take it easy or you could Trippel all the way down Victoria Street .ABV: 7.7

CORAL COAST AMARILLO & VIC SECRET PALE ALE: The Coral Coast pale ale range is a balanced pale ale featuring a blend of Munich and crystal malts combined with the perfect hop combinations that make this an ale that is clean and as fresh as our amazing coral reefs. Features Both Amarillo and Vic Secret Hops ABV 4.8%.

CORAL COAST CASCADE PALE ALE: The Coral Coast pale ale range is a balance pale ale featuring a blend of Munich and crystal malts combined with the perfect hop combinations that make this an ale that is clean and fresh as our amazing coral reefs.  Features the Chinook and Cascade Hops ABV 4.8%

CORAL COAST GALAXY & MOSAIC PALE ALE: The Coral Coast pale ale range is a balanced pale ale featuring a blend of Munich and crystal malts combined with the perfect hop combinations that make this an ale that is clean and as fresh as our amazing coral reefs. Features Both Mosaic and Galaxy Hops ABV 4.8%.

GEORDIE BAY GOLDEN ALE: As the name would suggest a beautiful golden finish with a some what sweet malt feel with beautiful stone fruit aromas. Ideal for sitting on the Deck of your boat or dreaming of at least owning one. ABV:5.01%

HAHNDORF LAGER: A rich European lager featuring a noble German single hop infusion.This all round classic can be enjoyed year round , but would be a stand out with a steaming pork knuckle. ABV 5.0 %

PEARL LUGGERS LAGER: The beer to have after a day on the water. An awesome full bodied clean larger utilising Australian hops with a refreshing mouth feel. Enjoy anywhere anytime. ABV 4.6%

PELICON POINT PILSNER: Light and Bright Pilsner using classic hops and light pilsner malt. A beer that can be thrown down the throat and savoured. ABV 4.95%

PEMBY PORTER: A secret recipe handed down like the stories of the Pemby Pantha. A Dark Rich warming Ale utilising 4 Different malts and 3 subtle hop varieties guaranteed to have you singing its praise from the tallest trees. ABV 5%

RED COW HEFEWEIZEN: A lovely twist on a very clean and light (in colour) wheat beer. With the addition of Coriander seed we have created a crisp beer with a beautiful tight head with slight aromatic and spicy undertones. Enjoy throughout the year. ABV 4.95%

ROTTO RYE IPA:  With 6 different malts producing a beautifully balanced complex beer with a deep golden colour, reminiscent of the sun setting from the beer garden of the Quokka arms. With the right amount of bittering enhanced by the use of Victory secret for that extra hit of aroma. ABV 5%

SANDGROPER'S SEASONAL SAISON: This Flemmish classic is full of vibrant flavours  derived from 10 different ingredients including malts, spices and fruit flavours.all included in the one all inclusive All Grain Kit. A great beer to experiment with and will certainly give you bragging rights ABV 4.7%

STEP MOTHER'S MID STRENGTH: Full malt Feel but with reduced Alcohol so after tasting one you can still make a getaway or avoid putting yourself in the dog house. ABV 3.3%

VIENNESE LAGER: The Vasse region is well known for its wine, well here is a beautiful deep and rich larger that can be enjoyed prior to quaffing the local wine. The rich copper colour is balanced perfectly with light bittering hops employed. ABV 5.2%

WHALE SHARK WIDE MOUTH IPA: A classic American pale ale jam packed full of tropical hop flavours( bursting from your grinning whale shark mouth) , A beer so pleasant it will transcend you in time to the beautiful sun drenched shores of the Ningaloo coastline where the majestic whale shark frolics. ABV 5.4%







Jagermeister Clone

(Still Spirits German Herbal Liqueur)

50ml - Makes 1.125L

Special - 100 ONLY

JUST $5.00

WAS $8.95

Buying any 10 - $58.95 includes shipping! (Aust only)

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